Missouri Governor Mike Parson announced Missouri will fully reopen and enter Phase 2 of its “Show Me Strong Recovery” Plan on Tuesday, June 16, 2020. Citizens are encouraged to continue to practice social distancing and avoid large crowds, but there is no statewide health order about COVID-19 and local officials have authority to enact further rules.


  • Business must be for-profit and must average less than $5 million in profits after taxes in the last two fiscal years and have less than $15 million in tangible net worth (with affiliates)
  • Located in State of Missouri, as well as Illinois counties of Jersey, Madison, St. Clair, Monroe, Bond, and Clinton
  • The minimum project size is $125,000
  • There is no maximum size under the 504 loan since there is no limit on the bank loan (The maximum 504 loan is $5 million, $5.5 million for manufacturing loans.)
  • Each owner of 20% or more of the operating company or property owner must guaranty the loan 
  • Project must, according to SBA guidelines, promote economic development 
  • Will occupy at least 51% of existing property or 60% of new construction

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