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Demographics are more than just numbers.

They represent real people who live, work, play, learn, invest and grow in a community. 

They represent real businesses and organizations who create jobs and make a difference in the community and around the world with their goods and services.

They also provide contextual data to showcase why residents, businesses and others have chosen to experience the success and award-winning quality of place found in St. Charles County, Missouri!


Total Population


St. Charles County’s growing population broke through the 400,000 mark and now stands at 402,022, according to 2019 estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Once a sleepy, rural community in the western part of metro St. Louis, St. Charles County’s population growth started to explode in the 1980s.  Some driving factors included new jobs and new amenities that opened then such as the General Motors Wentzville Assembly Plant, the Missouri Research Park and Mid Rivers Mall.

Likewise, a non-stop flurry of new housing construction started in the 1980s and continues to this day, with 30 – 40% of all new single-family housing permits issued each year in the St. Louis region happening in St. Charles County.

Current projections have St. Charles County’s population reaching 430,000 in the next few years.           



2019 Estimates

Female: 50.8%

Male: 49.2%



2019 Estimates

White: 88.7%

Black: 5.0%

Hispanic: 3.4%

Asian/Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander: 2.7%

Two or More Races: 2.3%



2019 Estimates

Average Household Income: $105,078

Median Household Income: $86,271

Per Capita Income: $39,563

Persons in Poverty: 5.7% (Census 2010-2018 estimate)



2010 Census – Total Housing Units: 141,016

2019 Estimates – Total Housing Units: 156,762

2024 Projections – Total Housing Units: 169,288


2010 Census – Owner Occupied (with mortgage or loan): 65%

2019 Estimates – Owner Occupied (with mortgage or loan): 60.3%

2024 Projections – Total Housing Units (with mortgage or loan): 60.1%


2010 Census – Median Home Value: $194,811

2019 Estimates – Median Home Value: $246,068

2024 Projection – Median Home Value: $302,965


2010 Census - Average Length of Residence: 11 years

2019 Estimates - Average Length of Residence: 13 years

2024 Projection - Average Length of Residence: 16 years


2010 Census – Total Households: 134,274

2019 Estimates – Total Households: 150,478

2024 Projection – Total Households: 162,445

2010 Census – Average Household Size: 2.65

2019 Estimates – Average Household Size: 2.63

2024 Projection – Average Household Size: 2.62


Total Single-Family Housing Permits Issued 2019: 1,659

Total Single-Family Housing Permits Issued 2010: 1,185




In many ways, St. Charles County is a typical college town area.

That’s thanks to the presence of tens of thousands of local, national and international students who every year attend the award-winning institutions of higher learning based in the community on tree-lined sprawling campuses with stately buildings.

Offering programs for traditional and non-traditional students and online learners, those two landmark institutions based in St. Charles County are:


Lindenwood University



St. Charles Community College



Other top-rated institutions of higher learning with satellite campuses in St. Charles County include:


Midwest University



Ranken Technical College – Wentzville



Maryville University – Lake Saint Louis (satellite campus)




Missouri Baptist University -Troy/Wentzvile (satellite campus)




State Technical College -St. Charles (satellite campus)




Webster University -Winghaven-O’Fallon (satellite campus)





At the same time, one of the reasons for the community’s continued population and housing growth is the K-12 public school districts in St. Charles County who are ranked among the top 25% of all schools in Missouri. Those five outstanding districts include:


Fort Zumwalt School District



Francis Howell School District



Orchard Farm School District



St. Charles City School District



Wentzville School District



There is also a strong private K-12 school culture in St. Charles County that includes many denominational offerings along with Montessori and homeschool traditions.


Finally, St. Charles County is just across the bridge for many other institutions of higher learning that are renowned in the state and around the Midwest. For instance, the U.S. News & World Report in 2018 ranked three Greater St. Louis schools in the National Universities category including Washington University in St. Louis (19th), Saint Louis University (106th) and Maryville University (177th).

Given all the premier and diverse educational opportunities and programs available in St. Charles County and the St. Louis region, families, students and employers will find the best in the Midwest right here!


Business & Economy


The business community and economy of St. Charles County is more than brand statements, products and the facilities of the 11,926 establishments in the community as of Q3 2019.

It is the heart and soul of an area that has been booming since the General Motors Assembly Plant opened in Wentzville in 1980 and helped kick-off an unprecedented era of growth in St. Charles County.

The same area that re-invented itself 20 years later with the arrival of master-planned communities and other global titans like MasterCard Worldwide, CitiMortgage and Enterprise Holdings. And now in 2020, another new chapter is being written, thanks to the likes of Missouri’s first Amazon Fulfillment Center and the $1.5 billion re-investment by General Motors in the Wentzville Assembly Plant, the largest private investment ever in Missouri history.

It is an area constantly striving for progress and success, recognizing businesses exist to create profits, communities deliver vital public services based on taxes and residents prosper when their wages and advancement opportunities allow them to pursue their version of the American Dream.

From local entrepreneurs and modern business parks all over the community, to the Missouri Research Park and the High-Tech Corridor on I-64/Highway 40 to the Advanced Manufacturing cluster around GM and the TLD (Transportation, Logistics, Distribution) sector along Highway 370, the economy is booming in St. Charles County.

Not surprisingly, St. Charles County has one of the largest economies in Missouri, with 2018 gross domestic product estimated at $14.8 billion by the U.S. Commerce Department.

We invite your business to come experience the success that is St. Charles County!








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